Talbot Road Lookout

Talbot Road Lookout

“Standing at the top of the cement tower, she turned slowly, admiring everything around her. Her gaze fell onto the cars that were speeding past, completely oblivious to her. Taking a deep breath of fresh air, her mind wandered to everyone else’s hectic schedule, and not for the first time she marvelled at the wonder of her own freedom. Her eyes continued to explore the landscape, drinking in the houses, the hills, the roads, lights and the trees. Drinking in her home.”

On the busy stretch of road that is known as Talbot, slightly tucked away and a little bit hidden, stands the tall Talbot Lookout. The cylindrical turret has steps that wind around and up, and lead onto a flat cement area at the top. It’s only a small lookout and the decency of the view depends on how recently the council have pruned the surrounding trees. Despite this though, there is still something wonderful about it. Perhaps it is to do with being up there alone, at the top of the world, or maybe it’s more to do with being as one with the outdoors.

Whatever it is, it’s something that should be felt and seen, so next time, rather than speeding out of Kings Meadows and down towards town, slow down, pull over, climb the steps and have a look at the city. Have a look at your home.


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